OES Elizabel_250The Maison Enfant Soleil, signed Bonneville

Visit the Maison Enfant Soleil, signed Bonneville at the Show!

For its 38th edition, the Show is proud to partner with Operation Enfant Soleil in order to show the new Maison Enfant Soleil, designed by Bonneville!

For a third year in a row, Bonneville Homes is proud to present the 2017 Maison Enfant Soleil designed by Bonneville, Élizabel, which is the ambassador of Opération Enfant Soleil for 2017.

Inspired by the Natur series, this 2,100 sq.ft. house, excluding walkout basement, has been designed to provide direct connection with the outdoor environment.  It consists of 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms and a laundry room.

The home was created thanks to the generosity and support of many partners including Les Gardes-Robes Gagnon.

Bonneville Logo 55years    Operation Enfant Soleil     SearsColour (2013)

The Opération Enfant Soleil partner is also an exhibitor at the Show:
gagnon_999_5mGarde-Robes Gagnon

Our priority is to maximise your storage space. 
Starting with the design, we pay attention to details. Not only do we bring our services to your home, we create personalized storage solutions that meet your needs and expectations. Each project is unique and important for our team, and the estimate is free. We accompany you throughout your project and the care we give it is what differentiates us and makes us successful.

   Gagnon Logo       


Entreprises P. Picard will be taking care of all the surrounding area of the Élizabel home for the Montreal National Home Show.  With its natural barn wood and concrete paving, this outdoor feature will have a contemporary and warm feel, this will be accentuated with several tall trees and colorful grass which will add a nice green touch to this space.


Thanks for your collaboration :

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Attraction-Maison Ethier-Bosch Benchmark_240x150

Household Appliances and Furniture Trends | Maison Ethier

Maison Éthier is always so popular that this year, the Salon has made even more space for them. For you, that means more appliances, more furniture, more styles and more great ideas. Maison Ethier will feature a whole new selection of furniture, themed Design, Trends and Innovations. Exclusive collections to assist you in creating a unique space in your image! The Thermador professional gas stove will be in all its glory, with six star bumers, as well as the power to personalize the stove top and the configuration of the double ovens according to your needs and desires.

Ethier LOGO seul-noir_150 

Maison Ethier-attraction bbq_250

BBQ Terrace | Maison Ethier

The BBQ Terrace, presented by Maison Éthier!  Come and enjoy an experience that will stimulate all your senses!  Chefs will be on hand to help you discover the different types of BBQs, as well as offer you tips and tricks to impress and delight your guests!  The École du bar de Montréal will show you how to make exceptional BBQ-theme cocktails!

Maison Éthier offers you a vast selection of BBQs to create your summer outdoor cooking area in line with your lifestyle:  gas BBQ (propane or natural gas), ceramic smoker - or create your kitchen island with built-in BBQ, refrigerator, sink, warming drawer and storage space.  You'll find the leading brands, including Napoléon, Kamado Joe, Jackson Grill, Saber, Lynx & Big Green Egg.

Come have the ultimate BBQ experience!

Ethier LOGO seul-noir_150 

Thanks for your collaboration:

logo Paysagement Moka

The Tiny House Village


The 16x37K is an incredible 583 sq. ft. modular tiny house made for indoor and outdoor living. The kitchen, dining area and living room create an inviting space that can even open up to the 170 sq. ft. covered-terrace to prolong a great evening with friends. The bedroom is found at the other extremity, providing privacy to the owner.


Image_Site web_250Specializing in wood frame homes, Embois will present you a facade as well as room which could very well be the image of what you have in mind for your future house.The 16x37K is an incredible 583 sq. ft. modular tiny house made for indoor and outdoor living. The kitchen, dining area and living room create an inviting space that can even open up to the 170 sq. ft. covered-terrace to prolong a great evening with friends. The bedroom is found at the other extremity, providing privacy to the owner.

If you have ever dreamed of having a wood home, with urban sophistication and industrial rustic charm, take a leap forward and come meet us ! Large windows, high ceilings, optimized use of space - whatever the scope of your project, a real sense of space envelopes, you including in one of the tiny 900 sq.ft. houses.


Thanks for your collaboration:

logo Paysagement Moka



This year, Jura will offer an 800 ft2 coffee lovers’ paradise, where its top-quality Swiss-made espresso machines featuring the latest technological advances will be on display for all to discover. Savour a delicious coffee sample while seated comfortably in the Jura lounge.

For visitors who also have a thirst for knowledge, a professional barista will teach the basics of topping and latte art so that you too can create beautiful, eye-catching designs with micro froth produced by these exceptional coffeemakers.

And that’s not all! Jura is also offering exclusive offers on certain models at its kiosk. Don’t miss this one-time chance to own a Jura for less!

Jura Logo


Aménagement Soleil Plus

Aménagement Soleil ... Specialiazed in landscaping, our company invites you to discover something  unique…  our « all inclusive » offer…

You are dreaming about a landscaping arrangement that will make the envy of your neighbours?  Your outdoor furniture need to be replaced?  Your wish is to have an in-ground pool directly in the cosy comfort of your backyard?

In-ground custom-made swimming pools, high-end garden furniture, pavers in a wide variety of colors and patterns, etc. are only a few of all the services  Amenagement Soleil Plus can provide.

Amenagement Soleil Plus…  an unparalleled assurance of quality…

Amenagement Soleil Logo


Le Nuancier

This year, the Montreal National Home Show invites you to be surprised by Le Nuancier. This true chromatic immersion will introduce you to the colours that will make 2017 vibrant!  As you stroll through edgy colour guides, you will plunge into four inspiring environments that will showcase the trends to come.  Come project yourself into your renovation projects with Le Nuancier, designed by Charles Joron, Catherine Laroche, Vincent Lalonde-Dupuy and Xavier Laurin.
  • Vibrant Living Room
Time to be bold!  This year, opt for daring.  As you pass through the yellow living room, let yourself be seduced by the warmth of the colour guide.  Whether on the walls or in accent colours, its warm hues will surely stimulate your mind and invigorate your space.

Made possible thanks to Urban Barn.
  • Charming Objects
Let yourself be charmed by the selection of trendy objects presented on the colour guides of the Maison Éthier showcase.  They will definitely enhance the décor of your rooms.  Beyond the paint on your walls, your choice of decorating accessories will make the difference in your decorating projects.

Made possible thanks to Maison Ethier.

  • Living Gallery

Don't hesitate!  Kindle the sparks of creativity here with us, by displaying the works of local artists on the walls.  Like a colourful little gallery, this colour guide invites you to discover the fruits of the work of passionate artists, present at the Show.  The acquisition of an artwork is a highly effective way to personalize your space.

Made possible thanks to participating artists.

The outdoors is indoors!  Dressed with doors and windows, this colour guide will immerse you in the peaceful and inviting world of a small urban balcony.  Sit down and take time to let yourself be inspired by its accessories, furniture and vegetation, which certainly will make a good impression on your neighbours.

Made possible thanks to Urban Barn and Paysagement Moka.

Auroral Logo._165X46

Thank you to BMR for their collaboration!


A special thanks to the designers:
Passionate about event design, they have worked on the design and production of projects combining architecture, environmental design and industrial design. Their mission: participate in the development of public spaces where innovative design presents the user’s experience. For the very first time, in the context of the Salon national de l’habitation 2017, they have joined forces to present Le Nuancier.

Charles Joron, Catherine Laroche, Vincent Lalonde-Dupuy and Xavier Laurin.

Toyota Image_232x195Toyota test drive zone

Have you seen the 2017 lineup of Toyota vehicles?  Come check out the All-New 2017 Prius Prime and test drive a selection of other great models like the 2017 RAV4 Hybrid at this year's Show.  You can also enter our contest to win a New 2017 Corolla iM and take it for a spin onsite!

Toyota- site web



It's in this intimate space, presented by Urban Barn, that experts, designers and celebrities will be present to provide expert advice and answer your questions. 



5 @ 7 Cocktail

Also at the Main Stage, presented by Urban Barn, the 5 à 7 Cocktail Reception:  The École du Bar de Montréal is pleased to welcome you and to present 3 great classic cocktails, their history and the variations around them and let's not forget, the tasting!  You can then ask all the questions you want.

Our program will be available in just a few days – stay tuned!


logo-vertDrouge(Attraction principale)The 4 Seasons of Vert D

VERT D is proud to present one of the main attractions.

Throughout your journey, from the main entrance to the exhibitor central aisle as well as at the exit, you will enjoy and contemplate prefabricated outdoor modules, signed VERT D. 


La Cuisine de chez vous

La Cuisine de chez Vous_Entre 4 murs_400

sans titre-8979_250Enter your kitchen and rediscover what L’École de la restauration et du tourisme de Montréal is preparing for you! Whether it’s a quick-to-prepare but healthy lunch, helpful tips for setting a lovely table, or a chic and exciting dinner…. They will tell you everything! Entertainment and surprises await you.

Thanks to Karyne Beauregard, designer et president  of Entre 4 Murs, to her suppliers and Sinray for the appliances, you will be immersed in an outstanding and trendy kitchen!

Thanks to your collaboration !

     Entre 4 murs_200

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Galerie ArtistesThe Artist District

The Artist District is back and will be even bigger!  Following your request, the Show offers an exclusive opportunity for visual artists with a special exhibition of contemporary look turnkey spaces located on the Show's main floor!

To see the artists list, click here!